Monday, January 24, 2011


Pete took the train down on Saturday morning and drove us back Sunday afternoon. We didn't do much on Saturday except run some errands and drive around while Zoe slept in the car. We went to see the movie Due Date with Annie & John at the Baghdad Theatre that night. The movie was a typical, two-guys-on-a-roadtrip film, but the movie theatre was spectacular! Look at the pictures on their website. You have to be 21, the tickets are only $3, you can sit on a velvet couch and have someone bring you wine and a sandwich. Their food is delicious and the beer & wine are their own labels - McMenamins. McMenamins buys weird, historic properties, like old schools & hospitals, and turns them into hotels with spas and theatres and restaurants. Most of them are themed, and some are haunted [for real!]. They also have lots of little bar/restaurants around Portland & Seattle. I highly recommend going to one. It's also very affordable. They incorporate art & music & wine/beer into everything.

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