Tuesday, January 4, 2011

random photos from the end of the year

On Christmas day we were invited to Pete's oldest friend's [Ken] sister's house [Terrina & John] to have dinner with their family. A few months ago they moved to their "dream cottage" on Whidbey Island. From our house it's just about 10 minutes to the dock and then a 20 minute ferry ride followed by 10 minutes of driving down a dark & windy road through the woods to their home. They don't have any neighbors except for coyotes. Terrina made a gigantic prime rib and baked potatoes and Zoe had a blast running around their house with all of the dogs & cats.
photos - Zoe in purple hat on the ferry, and playing a driving game on the ferry; at Terrina's with their newest dog - a standard poodle [only 6 months old]; Terrina let Zoe use her IPad; crazy lights; Zoe unwrapping gifts at home; Zoe giggling in her tent.

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